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MOYA ~ air, wind, spirit


How we work:


The Moya Centre philosophy is inclusive & integrative, where a personal sense of balance is achieved by exploring and acknowledging your authentic self through awareness, play and engagement with the environment


Dr. Eva Mihal (N.D.) utilizes the naturopathic modalities of Reflex Therapy; breathing exercises and Exercise Therapy (based on her training as a yoga teacher) and Live Blood Analysis to facilitate Dietary Supplementation and Lifestyle Counseling. She has a special interest in stress management and nervous system modulation.

Zack Wright (Med.Hons. Exercise Scientist) makes use of Movement Analysis and Corrective Exercise to aid athletic performance and rehabilitation; Myosteopractic Bodywork to facilitate healthy physical equilibrium and functionality. One on one sessions and group classes include remedial yoga, parkour/MMA and kids classes where the adventure never stops! From gymnastics, indoor-tree-climbing and team-work challenges to stunt-mat shenanigans, martial arts and geo-caching outings; Zack’s Hero-Training classes are a hit! Zack also has a counseling/hypnosis background.


The Moya Studios also offer Tai Chi, Yoga, Capoeira, Monthly Drumming Circles, Personal Fitness Training, MMA, Kiddies Parties and Venue Hire.


What to expect of a consultation:

Depending on individual requirements, an initial consultation may involve a blood analysis via dark-field microscopy, in which Eva takes a tiny finger-prick sample of blood and looks at it via microscope. This blood image is projected onto a monitor where it is explained to you and a treatment plan worked out from there. Subsequent live blood sessions help us track your progress as you engage with your healing process.

Exercise and Reflex Therapy sessions may include breathing exercises that help modulate the nervous system.


Movement Analysis and Corrective Exercise consultations with Zack include an analysis of movement patterns and physical history of injury or restrictions, exercise sessions as well as bodywork therapy in the form of Myosteopractic. Here he will systematically track and release lines of myofascial tension on a clothed body, by pressure point release, manual manipulation and facilitated stretching etc. Zack teaches both within and outside the studio environment, making use of parkour, rock climbing, time on the mountain and beach for both individual and/or group activities for all ages.


At Moya we encourage our clients to engage wholeheartedly with their personal processes of self actualization.