Hypnotherapy vs Psychotherapy

You Are Not Broken: Hypnotherapy vs. Psychotherapy


Since specialising in emotional process work I have come across a lot of confusion around how hypnosis works. Quite a few of my patients have been fearful of its application. This article by philosopher, D.M. Kraig, explains the basic differences between conventional psychoanalysis and the use of hypnoses quite nicely:

In 1885, a young Austrian travelled to France to study with Jean-Martin Charcot, Europe’s premier neurologist and hypnotist. The young man thought that hypnosis might hold the cure for mental illness. A year later, and just married, he opened a medical practice specializing in neurology (disorders of the nervous system) and the use of hypnosis.
The young man’s success was limited. He wasn’t good at hypnosis, and couldn’t often obtain cures. He needed a way to regularly get results. He also wanted a system that would take longer to cure people. Hypnosis worked quickly. He wanted to keep charging patients for repeated appointments—he was tired of being broke! He eventually discovered ways to do this through asking leading questions and listening to his patients talk, combined with clues revealed in their dreams. This system became known as “the talking cure,” and was the basis for a new science: psychoanalysis. The young doctor (and failed hypnotist) was Sigmund Freud.
It was thanks to Freud that hypnotherapy and psychotherapy went in different directions. Although they help people with similar issues, their approaches are different:
Psychotherapy — you come to a psychotherapist because there’s something wrong with you—you are broken. Your therapist (or you and your therapist) will fix the problem. One of the most popular styles of psychotherapy is not strictly Freudian. Known as CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, it seeks to get practical and effective changes more quickly. Often, once a patient is diagnosed, a psychotherapist will use a book known as the DSM-IV to determine how long it should take to cure the patient. I refer to this as “process-centred” therapy. People are considered machines in this discipline, and the same repair is assumed to fix all similar machines in the same length of time. Generally, that’s all insurance will cover. Psychotherapy uses the conscious mind to eventually access the unconscious, and hopefully release problems.
Hypnotherapy — in hypnotherapy, it’s understood that you are not broken. You’re doing the best you can with the knowledge, training and experience you have. Because you are not broken, a hypnotherapist neither fixes nor cures you. He or she simply gives you new knowledge and training so that together you can change unwanted behaviours and eliminate unwanted beliefs. Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious mind and works directly with the unconscious, the location of the unwanted behaviour or belief.
In hypnotherapy, each person is considered an individual, and treatment is unique to that person. I refer to this as “client-centred” therapy. Hypnotists will often train in numerous approaches to be able to provide a client with exactly the work that is needed.
If your only knowledge of hypnosis comes from movies or live shows, you should know that the nature of hypnotherapy today is greatly different than in the past. Beginning in the 1940s, psychiatrist Milton H. Erickson revolutionized the nature of hypnotherapy. He analysed the nature of trance and how people accept suggestions. Instead of ordering people around with “You are getting sleepy!” commands, he started giving more apparent control to the patient (“You may find that you’re getting sleepy, and can close your eyes when you want to”). Hypnotic suggestions changed from direct instructions (“You will stop biting your nails”) to metaphoric tales and stories that led a patient’s unconscious mind to change unwanted behaviour on its own.
Both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy have many uses. They’re great for overcoming fears and problems that keep you from being social and succeeding in life. Some physical problems have mental causes, and they can be treated with hypnotherapy or psychotherapy. Hypnotherapy tends to succeed more quickly, and is less expensive, but often isn’t covered by medical insurance. In the U.S. and S.A. psychotherapists are licensed by states, while hypnotherapists are certified by self-governing organizations. Unfortunately, the quality of both psychotherapists and hypnotherapists varies widely, and if you choose to use one or another, you should ask for references.

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We jump the world – 2017 – Cape Town

” We jump the world ” is a fantastic initiative that celebrates the freedom and community of parkour/freerunning across the globe on the founder’s (David Belle) birthday – April 29th.
In essence people/teams/groups of parkour enthusiasts send in footage of the training/adventures of that day and a global edit is compiled…see below for this year’s results!

This is the 2nd year it has run and next year ESCAPE plans on going big in Cape Town, South Africa.
I was originally meant to be bouldering out in the middle of nowhere on April 29th, so didn’t organise a get-together with all our parkour students. Then at the last minute plans were cancelled due to a key member getting flu…which meant a last-second parkour session on the beach with my brother was in order! Next year’s plans are still in development but ESCAPE will keep you posted and invites you to join us in advance!

Cape Town parkour outreach program makes the local papers…

The ESCAPE crew made it into two of their local papers recently, which was a great way to increase awareness of their cause and what parkour is all about. They have also been discussed on two radio stations; Cape Talk with John Maytham & CCFM. Look out for them on SABC T.V. as they are featured in the “Beautiful News” segments from November !

Cape Town based E.S.C.A.P.E. outreach program is making a change, join us! E.S.C.A.P.E. stands for Empowering South-African Climbing And Parkour Evolution…see what the newspapers had to say about us below 🙂

In the “People’s Post”:

ESCAPE - People'sPost

and “The Echo”:

The Echo

E.S.C.A.P.E. accomplishments..

Accomplishments (Testimonials below):

Featured on SABC TV & News24.com:

Featured on radio: Cape Talk with John Maytham – “lead S.A.” & CCFM.

Seen in print / online: Interviewed by The Echo, People’s Post & Cape Town Etc

Performed at Oakley House High School & at UCT’s Genshiken UCON convention

Performed for the international “500px – Redbull Photowalk” on September 17th 2016 @ the Waterfront in Cape town.

Participated in 2 eMzantsi Carnivals so far.


My son, Cullan said: “ Zack teaches us tricks and how to do cool things – like forward and back flips!” – I think this, and the smile on his face every week, is enough of a reason to sponsor another child to experience this as well.      – Yvette van Aarde – Country Manager of Younger Optics

” Ttrumpet signed up to become one of Moya Centre’s E.S.C.A.P.E. sponsors in 2015, hoping to make a difference…We left with so much more. Zack and Eva are true champions for the youths in their program. Not only are they teaching the children valuable skills and making a difference in their community, they also manage to do this on a daily basis while doing their bit for their sponsors. Moya made sure ttrumpet featured on all their social pages and posted images with mentions in features, articles and video posts. About 20% of Instagram #ttrumpet posts, and the first three items found when doing Google searches with #ttrumpet Cape Town, can be credited to them. Our relationship was both rewarding and a lot of fun. We can’t speak highly enough of this initiative! ”      – Ttrumpet (Business /Community Multi-app) Manager

“The reason I have chosen to support ESCAPE is because it is such a beautifully unique program which really meets young people where they are at. I just love the way that the kids are encouraged to make creative use of the urban playground  within their own community and within the greater city in which they live is just so inspiring. The ESCAPE program gives these urban youth a sense of control over their own physical bodies and this then seems to extend naturally into a sense of being able to control and direct their own destinies and encourage the same in the peers around them. The fact that it is just so cool is also inspiring as it seems to speak a language that so many young people can understand. Thanks”      – Ivanna Granelli – CEO & Founder of Can!do Consulting

What is Ttrumpet?

Ttrumpet – an incredible multi-app and business tool, is our E.S.C.A.P.E. youth development program’s main sponsor.


So what is ttrumpet?

Call for less (especially to other Ttumpet users)

Free messaging and group chats, with privacy or scheduled messaging options (great for birthday wishes etc)

Discover vouchers and specials from businesses all around you through / advertise your own deals!

Social media management all in one place ( no need to go to multiple sites to advertise)

Augmented reality promotions to stand out from the crowd

Tag yourself so that others know where you are…great for adventures and concerned friends / family


Best parkour spots in Cape Town – ESCAPE @ Muizenberg beach

ESCAPE does some side-flipping in one of the best parkour spots in Cape Town…Muizenberg beach

One of the best parkour spots in Cape Town is undoubtedly Muizenberg beach – even on a wet n windy day as the ESCAPE crew discovered. We will certainly have more adventures there in the future as the jungle-gyms, old and new architecture, beach-front obstacles and plenty of soft sand all make for a great day out! This outreach program has only recently started but already the predominantly bboy crew has learned enough tricks and flow to be the envy of any amateur parkour / free-runner.

ESCAPE’s Muizenberg Parkour Shenanigans

E.S.C.A.P.E. stands for Empowering South-african Climbing And Parkour Evolution – a Moya Centre initiative aimed toward the “at-risk” youth of Ocean View (for now), but hope to expand our reach with the help of the public / corporate donations/ sponsorships etc. We have 2 silent sponsors who are paying for a child’s monthly transport and tuition at Moya Centre, with our main financial backing coming from Ttrumpet – the incredible multi-app and business tool…

For more media on ESCAPE / Moya Centre, check out their Instagram feed !


Ttrumpet sponsors E.S.C.A.P.E. !!!

Ttrumpet (an amazing business tool and uber-multi-app) has sponsored our E.S.C.A.P.E. youth development initiative! The first step was getting our custom made vests & then showing them off out and about Cape Town. See Our parkour demo at UCON anime & gaming Expo 2015 for an example of their first “gig” which immediately got them an exponentially bigger event lined up for the following year.

See www.ttrumpet.com for more on this impressive “must-have” app!

Ttrumpet sponsors us
Ttrumpet sponsors us !!!

Smiles from the crew in their new gear
Smiles from the crew in their new gear 🙂