Class Schedule and Rates:


Yoga: Hatha and/or Iyengar Yoga – R480 per month (1class per week), R680 (2pw) or R780 (3pw). R150 pop-ins

Eva: Qualified Hatha and Iyengar teacher. Has a strong alignment focus and emphasizes the subtle inner-nuances both physically and experientially in the poses.

Zack: Remedial Yoga with an explorative emphasis…Exercise Science combined with playful ways of challenging / rehabilitating muscles etc so as to enjoy the benefits of yoga and the purpose of each pose without necessarily performing them in the “standard” way, as one progresses.

Hero Training / Parkour / Art of movement: 

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation” – Plato

Kids R480 p/m for 1 class per week. Adults: R480 or R680 p/m for 1 or 2 classes per week respectively.

See dedicated page for more…lessons & workshops for all ages and abilities…Zack has worked with a variety of special needs (from severe ADHD, blind, amputees and handicapped etc) and loves sharing the joy of movement with all. Even if one simply comes to learn to climb a tree / ride a bike or even just passively go through the experience of being flipped over backwards and landing safely, it’s worth it!

Moya Studio Tenants – Please enquire with them specifically for more details 

Personal Training: Gavin offers functional training individually or in small groups. 073 228 4247

Tai Chi / Kung Fu: Click on the “Tai Chi/Kung Fu” in bold to link to Steve Mendonidis’ website to see more on the fascinating principal that is Tai Chi, together with the famous martial art of Kung Fu.

Capoeira: Click the bold link to see more on the Afro-Brazilian dance-martial art! Camila can be contacted on 078 590 9890