E.S.C.A.P.E. accomplishments..

Accomplishments (Testimonials below):

Featured on SABC TV & News24.com:

Featured on radio: Cape Talk with John Maytham – “lead S.A.” & CCFM.

Seen in print / online: Interviewed by The Echo, People’s Post & Cape Town Etc

Performed at Oakley House High School & at UCT’s Genshiken UCON convention

Performed for the international “500px – Redbull Photowalk” on September 17th 2016 @ the Waterfront in Cape town.

Participated in 2 eMzantsi Carnivals so far.


My son, Cullan said: “ Zack teaches us tricks and how to do cool things – like forward and back flips!” – I think this, and the smile on his face every week, is enough of a reason to sponsor another child to experience this as well.      – Yvette van Aarde – Country Manager of Younger Optics

” Ttrumpet signed up to become one of Moya Centre’s E.S.C.A.P.E. sponsors in 2015, hoping to make a difference…We left with so much more. Zack and Eva are true champions for the youths in their program. Not only are they teaching the children valuable skills and making a difference in their community, they also manage to do this on a daily basis while doing their bit for their sponsors. Moya made sure ttrumpet featured on all their social pages and posted images with mentions in features, articles and video posts. About 20% of Instagram #ttrumpet posts, and the first three items found when doing Google searches with #ttrumpet Cape Town, can be credited to them. Our relationship was both rewarding and a lot of fun. We can’t speak highly enough of this initiative! ”      – Ttrumpet (Business /Community Multi-app) Manager

“The reason I have chosen to support ESCAPE is because it is such a beautifully unique program which really meets young people where they are at. I just love the way that the kids are encouraged to make creative use of the urban playground  within their own community and within the greater city in which they live is just so inspiring. The ESCAPE program gives these urban youth a sense of control over their own physical bodies and this then seems to extend naturally into a sense of being able to control and direct their own destinies and encourage the same in the peers around them. The fact that it is just so cool is also inspiring as it seems to speak a language that so many young people can understand. Thanks”      – Ivanna Granelli – CEO & Founder of Can!do Consulting