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A Moya youth-development initiative…

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1st watch the videos linked above…then meet the crew and see a mini-highlight of their accomplishments after just 3 months of training!


E.S.C.A.P.E. Crew perform at UCON anime & gaming expo 2015…


Beach parkour experiments!

1st 360° video of a breakdancing session!

The beginnings…Ocean View, Mzansi Carnival & Moya Centre

Moya Centre runs an outreach program for all ages and abilities (although especially aimed at teenagers from under-privileged communities) to bring the freedom and joy of climbing & parkour to more people’s lives.

Aside from the amazing exercise & philosophy inherent with these sports, South Africa is uniquely enriched with opportunities for exploring and earning with these adventurous activities. We have some of the best and most abundant natural climbing / bouldering spots in the world, with a vast variety in natural and urban obstacles for parkour.

The exchange rate combined with long sunlit days & the multitude of environments, makes South Africa a prime spot for film companies to work. This fact, along with an ever-growing popularity of the two sports/lifestyles means we can help spread the fitness & fun whilst teaching some to teach others / improve their abilities to competitive/commercial levels.

Climbing and parkour are related in that they can both be done in urban or rural areas; so although we would like to train them in our dedicated venue, we will most certainly train them to use the environments they live in as well. That way, the program can spread organically and kids can have something constructive to do, with increased health and wealth potential.

Parkour and climbing change the way you view and interact with your surroundings, so another big plus is that the culture it fosters is one of environmental consciousness and appreciation. This will develop into cleaner and safer communities and natural settings for all to enjoy.

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