Naturopathy, NLP and other Therapies:

What to expect of a consultation with Eva:

Depending on individual requirements, an initial consultation may involve an in-depth exploration of the structural, physical and emotional components of your overall health. This may involve a dietary / lifestyle plan to help put your wellness goals into action and/or forms of integrative process work. Follow-up appointments may range from 30 min check-in’s to longer sessions for acupressure, breath-work, time-based techniques or hypnosis.


For physical injuries or specific musculo-skeletal structural conditions; Movement Analysis and Corrective Exercise consultations with Zack include an analysis of movement patterns and physical history of injury or restrictions, exercise sessions as well as bodywork therapy in the form of Myosteopractic. Here he will systematically track and release lines of myofascial tension on a clothed body, by pressure point release, manual manipulation and facilitated stretching etc. Zack teaches both within and outside the studio environment, making use of parkour, rock climbing, time on the mountain and beach for both individual and/or group activities for all ages.


At Moya we encourage our clients to engage wholeheartedly with their personal processes of self actualization.