Parkour Freerunning Classes in Cape Town


Cape Town has some of the most amazing geography and architecture for both in & out-door parkour; yet as the sport/way-of-life is still developing, the facilities and professional tuition options are limited. Although Moya Centre has both of these, it is also out of the way from Cape Town’s majority. Join Facebook groups such as Western Cape Parkour to find out about Jams, outdoor lessons, events and more.

Zack has degrees in Human Bioscience & Exercise Science, with a life-long interest in all things adventurous…making him an ideal teacher for parkour to all ages and abilities. His unique set-up in the big studio includes padded flooring and obstacles, crash pillows, the crowd-favourite 35sqm stunt-mat and of course the indoor-trees and climbing wall etc.

We are hoping to upgrade our facilities even further as we aim to give the joy of play in movement (parkour / climbing etc) to under-privileged communities near-by. We have already started that process but with the fund-raising we plan on building awareness and expanding the reach of parkour. Once we’ve finalised a few designs and finished gathering quotes, we can start the fund-raising process!

The first class is always free, so bring friends and spread the joy!