Best parkour spots in Cape Town – ESCAPE @ Muizenberg beach

ESCAPE does some side-flipping in one of the best parkour spots in Cape Town…Muizenberg beach

One of the best parkour spots in Cape Town is undoubtedly Muizenberg beach – even on a wet n windy day as the ESCAPE crew discovered. We will certainly have more adventures there in the future as the jungle-gyms, old and new architecture, beach-front obstacles and plenty of soft sand all make for a great day out! This outreach program has only recently started but already the predominantly bboy crew has learned enough tricks and flow to be the envy of any amateur parkour / free-runner.

ESCAPE’s Muizenberg Parkour Shenanigans

E.S.C.A.P.E. stands for Empowering South-african Climbing And Parkour Evolution – a Moya Centre initiative aimed toward the “at-risk” youth of Ocean View (for now), but hope to expand our reach with the help of the public / corporate donations/ sponsorships etc. We have 2 silent sponsors who are paying for a child’s monthly transport and tuition at Moya Centre, with our main financial backing coming from Ttrumpet – the incredible multi-app and business tool…

For more media on ESCAPE / Moya Centre, check out their Instagram feed !


Ttrumpet sponsors E.S.C.A.P.E. !!!

Ttrumpet (an amazing business tool and uber-multi-app) has sponsored our E.S.C.A.P.E. youth development initiative! The first step was getting our custom made vests & then showing them off out and about Cape Town. See Our parkour demo at UCON anime & gaming Expo 2015 for an example of their first “gig” which immediately got them an exponentially bigger event lined up for the following year.

See for more on this impressive “must-have” app!

Ttrumpet sponsors us
Ttrumpet sponsors us !!!
Smiles from the crew in their new gear
Smiles from the crew in their new gear 🙂

Parkour Freerunning Classes in Cape Town


Cape Town has some of the most amazing geography and architecture for both in & out-door parkour; yet as the sport/way-of-life is still developing, the facilities and professional tuition options are limited. Although Moya Centre has both of these, it is also out of the way from Cape Town’s majority. Join Facebook groups such as Western Cape Parkour to find out about Jams, outdoor lessons, events and more.

Zack has degrees in Human Bioscience & Exercise Science, with a life-long interest in all things adventurous…making him an ideal teacher for parkour to all ages and abilities. His unique set-up in the big studio includes padded flooring and obstacles, crash pillows, the crowd-favourite 35sqm stunt-mat and of course the indoor-trees and climbing wall etc.

We are hoping to upgrade our facilities even further as we aim to give the joy of play in movement (parkour / climbing etc) to under-privileged communities near-by. We have already started that process but with the fund-raising we plan on building awareness and expanding the reach of parkour. Once we’ve finalised a few designs and finished gathering quotes, we can start the fund-raising process!

The first class is always free, so bring friends and spread the joy!