We jump the world – 2017 – Cape Town

” We jump the world ” is a fantastic initiative that celebrates the freedom and community of parkour/freerunning across the globe on the founder’s (David Belle) birthday – April 29th.
In essence people/teams/groups of parkour enthusiasts send in footage of the training/adventures of that day and a global edit is compiled…see below for this year’s results!

This is the 2nd year it has run and next year ESCAPE plans on going big in Cape Town, South Africa.
I was originally meant to be bouldering out in the middle of nowhere on April 29th, so didn’t organise a get-together with all our parkour students. Then at the last minute plans were cancelled due to a key member getting flu…which meant a last-second parkour session on the beach with my brother was in order! Next year’s plans are still in development but ESCAPE will keep you posted and invites you to join us in advance!