Who we are:

MOYA ~ air, wind, spirit

The Moya Centre philosophy is inclusive & integrative, where a personal sense of balance is achieved by exploration, engagement and improved self- awareness.

Eva Mihal (N.D.) has been a practicing doctor of naturopathy for well over 20 years and a yoga teacher for ten. In this time she has worked extensively with a wide variety of ailments and emotional complaints. Her main focus is the holistic understanding of the underlying cause of disease and emotional imbalance inherent in the disease process. She makes use of basic naturopathic principles to build good health foundations and specializes in life-style counselling and stress relief therapy by utilizing her knowledge in meditation, hypnosis, breath-work and integrative psychology. She is a registered NLP practitioner and has a diploma in time-based techniques; helping her patients re-frame past experiences, overcome limiting thought and/or behavioural patterns.

Eva has a special interest in, and enjoys working with teens and interpersonal communication processes in parent/child, couple or other family relationships.

Zack Wright (Med.Hons. Exercise Scientist) makes use of Movement Analysis and Corrective Exercise to aid athletic performance and rehabilitation; Myosteopractic Bodywork to facilitate healthy physical equilibrium and functionality. One on one sessions and group classes include remedial yoga, parkour/MMA/Climbing and kids classes where the adventure never stops! From gymnastics, monkeying up the climbing wall or indoor-trees and team-work challenges to stunt-mat shenanigans, martial arts and geo-caching outings; Zack’s Hero-Training classes are a hit! Zack also has a counseling/hypnosis background.

The Moya Studios also offer Tai Chi, Yoga, Capoeira, Personal Fitness Training, Kids Parties and Venue Hire.